We're a Media and Film Production company that was formed in 2017, based in Norwich, UK.
A&D Film Productions bring a traditional outlook on film making by qualified and experienced professionals. From Idents, Music Videos and from Shots to Feature Films. A&D Film Productions will give anything a go and love a good challenge.

David J Stebbeds

Co-owner / Producer

Experienced film maker David J Stebbeds forms a part of A&D Film Productions. We're proud to have him on board. He has a great eye for detail.


Luke Sorrell

Graphic Design / Animation

A past NUA Graduate, Luke Sorrell makes up our design and animation team. Luke will be doing all the animation for us.

Kayleigh Jayne

Social Media Administrator

Kayleigh looks after our social media pages making sure they're kept upto date and continue to gain a following. Kayleigh has a lot of experience in acting and modelling too.

Charmaine Hutchison

U.S.A Correspondent 

Experienced chat show host turned correspondent. Charmaine ran a show with us called ANSWERS when she was in the UK, now she's in America, it doesn't mean she's left us and is still a big part of this team.


"Over the time I have spent working for A&D Productions, I have got to know Andrew Jarvis and David J Stebbeds personally; I can honestly say I have never worked for a kinder company. Their efforts to make sure everyone involved in there productions is looked after and have everything they need with a professional attitude. My first time working for A&D Productions I was very nervous. Dealing with anxiety, I hate not knowing what’s going on. But Andrew Jarvis and David J Stebbeds always kept me up to date, even when there was very little to report. They are always trying to make our long days fun but at a high quality professional standard. I would happily recommend A&D Productions to anyone. I’m looking forward to continuing the productions in progress and any other work in the future."

~ Kayleigh Jayne - 2017

Actress / Model

"After being offered to work on a scene with A&D productions I was thrilled to relive the life of acting in front of the camera for filming. It feels great to meet and work with other people in this company. And as a performer/actor with Aspergers and managing anxiety it'll be an honor to work with A&D productions for awesome projects that awaits for me in the future."

~ Ryan Young - 2018

Actor / Stage performer

"Having worked with David else where I was delighted when he asked me to appear as a character on one of his productions. The whole aspect of A&D productions is very reputable. Every person is important no matter what the role. Very professional outlook and happy to change the scripts to suit the ideas I had in set. Can’t wait to work with them in the future"

~ Lloyd Collier - 2018

The Reunion - Cast Member

"A&D Film Productions are a pleasure to work with. Hard working, creative and professional. I hope to work with them again in the future."

~ Rod Glenn - 2019


Andrew Jarvis

Co-owner / Producer 

Originally Andrew Jarvis productions, the starting figure for the World According to A.J and now a Co-owner with David J Stebbeds. A.J is experienced in writing comedies and sketches. Writing and acting are his strong points.


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